Bolivian Rosewood

Exotic Hardwood
iPhone Back-Cover


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Natural Feel

The special eco coating retains all the best natural qualities of the exotic real hardwood, you can still feel the grain of the wood and smell the forrest.
Every piece of wood is unique, own a one of a kind masterpiece of nature in your pocket.

Hand Crafted in Europe

Hand picked best quality wood pieces are hand sanded with three different grit types for perfect smoothness and softness. Coated twice with a special eco friendly oil/wax that preserves natural qualities of the wood and offers a superb protection from moisture and scratches. At the final stage the wood is polished twice using a special technique that maximises the sheen of the wood and gives it a unique smoothness while retaining the naked feel of wood.

Classy Protection

It is no secret the metal back of the iPhone 5 scratches and dents easily. Being fingerprint proof, long-lasting and not scratching easily, our back covers offer a classy and effective way to protect your iPhone, without adding bulk. Laser cut to perfect fit, and being less than 0.7mm (0.027 inch) thin it is barely felt on your iPhone.

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